Ayurveda Cooking Course – Summer is coming – June, 29th

65.00 3 hours

Seasonal Ayurvedic Cooking – Summer is coming

June 29th, 2024
14:00 – 17:00

65 Euro per person

inclusive Lunch.


A vegetarian diet can be the most delicious and satisfying and healthy nourishment for humans imaginable, its all about finding the right recipes that will fit with your taste and your timetable.

For most busy people it is really cool when you can get these two points combined super quick, therefore we created some simple recipes for you with just that in mind.
Throw the incredible knowledge of Ayurveda into the mix and the food becomes sensational. In this workshop Sonja will be presenting recipes from her forthcoming book, based on the Ayurvedic principles. Combining a short and sweet synopsis of the Ayurvedic knowledge about nutrition and food, with practical wisdom from her years of experience.
The cooking course will be here at our farm in the nature outside of Welkenraedt, using wherever possible our own veggies. Please bring an apron if needed, everything else is provided.

Theme: Seasonal Ayurvedic Cooking – Summer is coming

We will cook:


  • Creamy soup made of may turnips and fresh herbs
Main course:  
  • aromatic polenta balls with sesame out of the oven
  • delicious leek with different spices and herbs
  • warm broccoli salad with roasted seeds and sprouts
  • beetroot carpaccio
  • coffee creme made with the best fresh roasted coffee from “Contigo”
Participants: 6
Price: 65 Euro per person
(yummy dinner, drinks like coffee & tea..included)


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