Yoga with
Mallory & Sonja

Yoga with Mallory and Sonja

We are just bubbles of bliss in an
ocean of consciousness. 

We are just bubbles of bliss in an
ocean of consciousness. 

Heart-Core Yoga with Mallory & Sonja. “Von Nix kommt Nix”

Yoga in the “Dreiländereck”, in Welkenraedt near to Aachen, Eupen and Maastricht.

in 2023 As always, the classes are for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. It will be kept simple, but goes deep. It is a chance for you to switch off from the week’s stress, go inside, turn off the monkey mind and dip into the bliss that is our divine birth-right. Wonderful Hatha yoga, Yin yoga delights, and some pretty cool, new, vinyasa sequences that will take you deep into your body.

Each Saturday you will see a completely new vinyasa module. Here are examples of what are planned:

  • Flip & Flop: Heart & Back Opening
  • Challenge & Chill: Vital Intuition
  • Challenge & Chill: Balance
  • Challenge & Chill: Circular Flow
  • Challenge & Chill: short & sweet
  • Challenge & Chill: Let’s twist again
  • Challenge & Chill: aligned Asana
  • Challenge & Chill: there is a lot of pain opening up the hips (Kester)
  • True Strength: deep trust
  • True Strength: Desk Therapy
  • Challenge & Chill: Hang like bat / Inversion Therapy

There will only be 12 Saturday classes this year, so beware!

Yoga, Hinduism, Outside
  • Mats, bolsters, zafu, belts, blocks, sand bags and other props obviously enough for all people, and we have a shop from Bodynova if you want to treat yourself to something very fine.
  • Kids and pets welcome, but better let us know in advance.
  • modern Hatha Yoga for rusty-as-hell beginners to squeaky advanced.
  • calming, opening and strengthening Yin Yoga for stiff bodies and flexible minds
  • mostly in english and german, but with enough french to get by
  • Places are available only through our booking system, please use the What’s on When section of this site.
Yoga Teacher, Inspiration