Yoga with
Mallory & Sonja

Yoga with Mallory and Sonja

We are just bubbles of bliss in an
ocean of consciousness. 

We are just bubbles of bliss in an
ocean of consciousness. 

Heart-Core Yoga with Mallory & Sonja. “Von Nix kommt Nix”

in 2023 As always, the classes are for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. It will be kept simple, but goes deep. It is a chance for you to switch off from the week’s stress, go inside, turn off the monkey mind and dip into the bliss that is our divine birth-right. Wonderful Hatha yoga, Yin yoga delights, and some pretty cool, new, vinyasa sequences that will take you deep into your body.

Each Saturday you will see a completely new vinyasa module. Here are examples of what are planned:

  • Flip & Flop: Heart & Back Opening
  • Challenge & Chill: Vital Intuition
  • Challenge & Chill: Balance
  • Challenge & Chill: Circular Flow
  • Challenge & Chill: short & sweet
  • Challenge & Chill: Let’s twist again
  • Challenge & Chill: aligned Asana
  • Challenge & Chill: there is a lot of pain opening up the hips (Kester)
  • True Strength: deep trust
  • True Strength: Desk Therapy
  • Challenge & Chill: Hang like bat / Inversion Therapy

There will only be 12 Saturday classes this year, so beware!

Yoga with Mallory and Sonja
  • Mats, bolsters, zafu, belts, blocks, sand bags and other props obviously enough for all people, and we have a shop from Bodynova if you want to treat yourself to something very fine.
  • Kids and pets welcome, but better let us know in advance.
  • modern Hatha Yoga for rusty-as-hell beginners to squeaky advanced.
  • calming, opening and strengthening Yin Yoga for stiff bodies and flexible minds
  • mostly in english and german, but with enough french to get by
  • Places are available only through our booking system, please use the What’s on When section of this site.
Yoga with Mallory and Sonja