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  • Amazing Salanovas are ready! Yumyum the best crispy colorful lettuces are ready and waiting for you!

  • availability... Hooray, after a long pause, we are opening again on the 18th May 2023. This time of the year in Belgium was known traditionally as "the hungry gap", many years ago. At this time of year people were down to their last stored vegetables and fruits, and every

  • Arthur's Kimchi Arthur's Kimchi. Fermented delicious healthy raw-food (organic). The actual batch is now about 6 months old, and is still perfectly delicious, but quite high in lactic acids. Our recommendation is to use just a very small amount, finely chopped, and when added like this it works perfectly

  • Salsa Macha So the very best Salsa Macha uses the Chipotle Morita from Mexico which is a delicious Chipotle smoked over a pecan-wood underground fire-pit, and is utterly delicious if you like a smoky taste in your food. I came across it through my brother Chris who found it while