Ayurvedic massage with Sonja – 10 minutes Svedana sauna box

10.00 10 minutes

Svedana Sauna Box

Price: 10 Euro

Duration: 10 mimutes

By appointment only


Sweating in the Svedana Box

In this form of treatment a herbal infusion induces steam. You will sit inside a handmade wooden box surrounded by this wonderful steam which brings you to a deeply cleansing and relaxing sweating. Through the sweat you eliminate toxins out of your body. It relaxes also the muscles and supports a good blood circulation.

We use the svedana additional to an abhyanga.

For more information check “Ayurvedic Massages”….

Choose from the given time frame in the calendar and we will get back to you as soon as we can, to confirm or not.

Female clients only.



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