Yin Yoga with Sonja

35.00 60 minutes

Price: 35 Euro

A flow into yourself with this calm, gentle and intense Yoga

Book your individual or group sessions by appointment. 

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Yin Yoga with Sonja. 

Yin Yoga to let go.

To understand how any kind of Yoga works, one has to experience it. So it is with Yin Yoga.
With Yin Yoga you practice a meditative, reflective way of doing the asanas, sitting or lying. You hold them for a few minutes while breathing relaxedly which influences the inner organs, tensions in the muscles and the marma system in a positive way.

1 hour of Yin Yoga: 35.-,  by appointment. You may suggest a slot from the time-table, but we have to confirm its availability first. You will not be charged until confirmation. If you have any questions, you can also use our contact formula or write directly to sonja@arthurgreenbean.be


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