Ayurvedic massage with Sonja – Shine bright – Wellness / Beauty Massage

115.00 90 minutes

Shine bright – Wellness / Beauty Massage

Duration: 1,5 hour

Price: 115 Euro

By appointment only


Shine bright / Ayurvedic
full body & face massage

This wonderful whole body and face massage is bringing out your inner glow and gives your face and skin a wonderful shimmer. It is a relaxing massage that promotes overall body circulation, invigorates your entire skin through the specific massage techniques and the amazing oils work regeneratively. The massage includes some parts of the well known abhyanga combined with a soft 30 minutes face massage on top. so you will come out of it feeling super nice and beautiful. A perfect preparation for an important event, or simply a treat just for yourself.

The warm oil that I use to massage the body from the head to the toe is from the company “Khadi” and its smell is just wonderful. It includes ingredients such as shatavari, ashwaghanda, sandalwood and other amazing herbs. These herbs are well known as “Rasayanas” which rejuvenate and revitalise the body. For the face massage I use a special rose oil mixture from “Weleda”.

Choose from the given time frame in the calendar and we will get back to you as soon as we can, to confirm or not.

For female clients only.



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