Workshop: Processing veggies and fruits – all about fermentation and drying in raw food quality – September, 28th

65.00 5 hours

Workshop: Processing harvested veggies and fruits – all about fermentation and drying in raw food quality

including beverages & ayurvedic veggie lunch

September,28th,  11:00-16:00, with a break,

Price: 65,- Euro

The workshop is limited to 8 people.


The summer is over and autumn is coming.. The trees are still full with apples, but nearly most of the other fruits and veggies are harvested. Also the herbs need to be harvested now, before the first frost arrives.

In this Workshop you will learn different ways to preserve your harvest for the winter days.

We will show you everything about drying fruits, herbs and veggies  in raw food quality, for example pears, mirabelles and plums, also tomatoes and basil are just great to dry!

We will also fermentate white and red cabbage as well as little tomatoes to show you about this exciting and healthy way to make veggies even more healthy, bringing something special on the plate in the cold days. The theory of fermentation and fermented products as well as the healthy benefits of consuming them will also be a topic.

If we are lucky, the walnuts are already done and we can also produce some pesto or with our own ginger some green Thai curry paste.

It will be all exciting and depends on the harvest of this year what we will fill this workshop with. You will be able to take something with you and enjoy your self-made fermented or dried product later in the year.

Be surprised :)


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