Project Description

So the very best Salsa Macha uses the Chipotle Morita from Mexico which is a delicious Chipotle smoked over a pecan-wood underground fire-pit, and is utterly delicious if you like a smoky taste in your food. I came across it through my brother Chris who found it while living in Mexico.

Whatever variation of it though, and there are many to be found in Mexico, all utterly yummy and you can dribble the stuff on almost anything. I have even had it on a chocolate croissant for breakfast. We do a mild and a spicy version, but we always struggled with the Chipotle Morita itself. Unfortunately as well as being very expensive, non-regional, labour-intensive (because you have to remove the seeds manually otherwise it doesn’t taste good and this takes forever), and it is not organic. So we looked for a long time and have finally found an incredible smoked paprika which, although expensive, eliminates the other criticisms. Wonderful stuff. From the same source we use an excellent organic chilli powder, which we supplement with our home-grown chillis (jalapeno, reaper etc!).

We also include our own walnuts, and the garlic is also from the Ranch. Great Belgian garlic, really very good.This year’s harvest of garlic is looking excellent already, so finger’s crossed, we are in for a good Macha this year. To celebrate this truly delicious stuff we hereby announce it under the new name Arthur’s Macha. If it’s good enough to carry Arthur’s name, then you can believe it’s good.

olive oil, dried Morita Chipotle, garlic, salt, peanuts, sesame seeds, white vinegar, brown sugar
Alert: allergy potential: peanut, walnut, sesame. 

Preis: 200ml: 5,90