Finally we are open!

When we started building our new vegetable beds three years ago using our newly learned regenerative principles, we had this romantic idea that we were making them more resistant and durable and able to cope with stress because we felt we would be tested severely in the future with climate-change related severity.
Well, the future is now, and we have been severely tested with the weather, and it wasn’t at all romantic. We are still in disbelief as I write this, at the amount of rain and lack of sunshine and how much effort we had to put in, to counter all the different problems, from slugs to flea beetles, from hungry birds to leaf miners, from cabbage white moths to hordes of ants, from rain to rain to rain, to total failure of potatoes, to horrible onions.
But we have prevailed, and the vegetable beds have behaved magnificently, keeping their all important soil life and structure,.and blow me down if we haven’t produced some of our best vegetables ever.
Here is a list of what we have opened the shop with today, and we are quite proud of ourselves.
Broccoli (wow wow), pointed cabbage, kohlrabis, carrots, lettuce, zucchini, garlic, parsley, beetroot, cucumber, etc, not to mention all the specials like Sonja’s elderflower syrup, parsley pesto, kimchi, eggs and much more.
The quality is excellent, we hope you agree. Look forward too seeing you there!