We went for it, and made a second planting of Napa Cabbage, Carrot, Daikon, etc and it was all just a little bit late but just made it by the middle of October for harvest. Although the quantity was not large, the quality was excellent and you can taste it in the 50 kg latest batch. It’s formidably spicy, packed with goodness, and absolutely livens up any dish. Available now in 470ml Weck glass for 11,- inc. 3,50 for the glass.

Also Sonja made a small batch of Daikon Kimchi. It is spectacularly good. I never thought radish kimchi to be at all appetizing, but it was only while eating a bowl of fantastic vegetable Tempura with some grated Radish that I suddenly cottoned on. I am a total fan of the KKakdugi.

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