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Hatha Yoga to make you feel good.

Information about the Saturday Yoga Class with Mallory

  • Heart-Core Yoga with Mallory, featuring Lazy-Person’s Yoga, Wim Hof breathing, and hanging around like a bat.
  • Spring, Summer and Autumn, every Saturday at 10:15, until 12:00.
  • It is better that you arrive before 10:00, we start punctually and everyone is always very excited.
  • € 10,- or a couple of hours of work in the garden with Mallory himself…
  • We are limited really to 14 people only inside, so it would be good to let us know over the contact form below, if you are coming or not!
  • Kids and pets welcome.
  • You are welcome to come earlier (like 08:30 onwards!) for Pranayama / Meditation instruction.
  • Strictly progressive Hatha Yoga for rusty-as-hell beginners to squeaky advanced.
  • mostly in english, but with enough german and french to get by…

References to our yoga lineages: (written by Mallory)

So, both myself and my partner Mani have been studying yoga for well over 30 years. I had the incredible luck that my first teacher was Mani herself. She was well on the path long before we met at 24 years of age, and she was the first to introduce me to the wonderful multiverse of yoga. She has a deep and steadfast practice that does not waver and for which I have the deepest respect and gratitude.

Mani exploring

„Sitting, for the delight of sitting“ – Clive

For both Mani and myself, one of our earliest, and definitely most beloved teachers is a man who does not like to be named, wishes no fame, wants not to leave a footprint on earth: an englishman who is a living embodiment of Hatha Yoga and lived as a true yogi in India for a long time. I will allow myself to call him Clive. He is a quiet legend, a great man, has a huge heart and a brilliant mind.

Clive and Miranda

Other major influences are Simon Borg Olivier, ( I would kiss his feet anyday.

Simon the Great
Simon and Mal and coconut bliss times

Helen Noakes

“Slow is the new fast! Keep it simple, breathe and quietly expand”

“Your biology and biography are the same” – In other words the story of who you are is reflected in your body. You cannot hide from this! (Caroline Myss)

“The lead of your wounds become the gold of your gifts” True alchemy.

and Peter Rousell have also very worthy feet.

Make a space on the floor, clean enough you‘re okay touching it. Wear clothes free enough to move, warm enough for how slow you will go/ how warm it is.
You will need 5 mins to lie on your back.
Focus the mind on how you are breathing and make some moves. This is how we set up for yoga practice
– Peter John Macdonald Roussel

Pete massaging…

There have been many others, but I don’t want to go on a long boring ramble here. Each and every yogi (genderless!) – the list is long – has left a beautiful mark on me. I feel so incredibly blessed and indebted to the wisdom of all the yogis who have ever been, for me there is no greater “science of the spirit”. And I marvel at the almost daily inspirations and realizations that I personally derive from my own, albeit somewhat erratic, but equally valid practice. The “wisdom of the east” has been passed on to the rest of the world, and there are truly great people everywhere now applying ancient tools to the modern world and producing very exciting, new interpretations.

Om Shantih