Cant wait to get my hands on you

“Of all the senses, touch is considered to be the most important.” Clive

An excerpt from our retreat book:

“…if you are working on the floor giving massage (as opposed to a table) then you will be feeding two birds with one huge seed…not only are you looking after your own posture, but you can use your body weight very naturally for the massage. The idea is simple, by sitting, lying or rolling on your partner, you can achieve the most delightful effects, with less effort on your part, and a whole heap of benefits. Of course a lot of the work is still done with the hands, elbows, and feet, but much of the actual hard work is done very simply, just by lying or leaning, or standing, in particular ways.

Which brings me, finally, to Mani Massage. I have decided to call it this, mostly because she really did invent it. Over many many years of practice, what started off as a way to massage the receiver, also became a way of massage for the giver also. What has usually been more of a one-way flow, becomes more of an exchange for both….

…in small circles, Mani is something of a legend. I reckon she must have given many thousands of massages, to all kinds of needy and grateful people. I don’t know anyone who has so freely given so much of her time, in the service of others. And meaningful giving. True Bahkti practice, devotion and service. She is beautiful to watch in her practice although seldom has anyone seen it. She has a wonderful stillness and calmness in her essence, and you can observe that in this state she is able to give very „powerful“ massage whilst not just maintaining her own energy, but also receiving and rejuvenating herself. But of course, her amazing little hands have to work a lot,, and so in order to make the whole massage just as deep and immersive for the receiver, whilst not wearing any of herself out, I witnessed her conscious shift to what I now call, Mani Massage.…”

Mani Massage is a form in its own right.

If you want to try her out, or you know her massage already, please use the contact form to arrange an appointment.

and just for fun… excerpt from the book:

„Cant wait to get my hands on you….“

Once upon a time, there was a very wise king, who declared that all people in his kingdom should receive a foot massage every day before getting up out of bed. His decree was met with joy by most of his subjects, who promptly went to bed, and refused to work any more until they received their morning delight.

Und therein lay the problem. Millions were ready to receive, but who were going to give the massage?

So the Queen, who was impressed with the idea, decreed that on Mondays one half of the family should be the givers, and on Tuesdays, the other way around, and so on.

The King thought this was a tremendous idea, if not applied to himself. Queen however said, that if they wanted the people’s respect, then he would also be subject to the new ruling, and so the King was forced into the awkward position of having to admit that he could not give a good foot massage. He did not know HOW. And, he was not alone. Millions of people lay in bed, bemoaning the new situation. The King threatened to import millions of foreign foot masseurs to help with the dilemma, but the Queen said „No, this is not THE WAY!“.

And then the King realised something even wiser than his original  proclamation, which was, that if he himself learned to massage, then he would benefit from the GIVING! 

This was the breakthrough needed, the country was roused by his wisdom, and after a few grumpy mornings, the whole country got in the swing of things, everyone got turned on by the new „giving is receiving“ thing, and the country’s GDP started to increase dramatically.

King and Queen also made many wise rulings regarding solar power and single-use plastics, the burning of fossil fuels and LGBTQ rights, but none of these proclamations were anything like as effective, or indeed, as popular, as the „Joyful Start to the Day“ approach. 

Within a very short time, the people were transformed into loving, caring Homo Touchiens, who subsequently went on to save their planet through massage and love.